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Built by an Indonesian team with local market knowledge for digital native Indonesian brands like you, we are here to help brands of all sizes.

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How can Knal help you?

Facebook and Instagram native ads are increasingly popular as a digital marketing channel for Indonesian brands, but there is a large number of warm prospects that are usually still underutilized by brands.

Knal helps you better capture and utilize your pool of warm and hot prospects.

With our online tools and help from our strategy team, you can now easily grow (and utilize) your brand’s very own highly engaged WhatsApp text marketing subscribers list and you will have a valuable long-term asset for your brand.

As native ads such as Facebook and Instagram ads naturally serves very different purposes, text marketing is a fantastic marketing channel to be used in combination with native ads. Through WhatsApp, your brand gets to meet your customers where they are.

Comparison of popular digital marketing channels

Unlike other digital marketing channels, text marketing naturally offers a higher degree of interactivity with the audience and Knal brings ads management functionalities to text marketing that improve its targetability and trackability, which are arguably two of the most important metrics in the current era of modern marketing.

What we are and what we are not

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