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How to Get Started on WhatsApp Text Marketing With Knal
Published on
10 November 2022

If you are ready to begin your WhatsApp text marketing journey, submit a form here and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We will schedule a video conference call at a convenient time for you, in which we can show you a quick demo of our tools and answer any questions you might have. Afterward, a dedicated advisor will guide you through the onboarding process until your account is ready to be used.

Concentrate on growing your subscriber list first

In order for your WhatsApp text marketing program to be successful, you need to focus on growing an engaged subscriber list. According to WhatsApp Business Policy, subscribers must explicitly give consent to receive marketing text messages via WhatsApp from you. Additionally, subscribers must have an easy way to unsubscribe from your program. Thankfully, with our opt-in manager, it will not be difficult to grow your subscriber list while in compliance with WhatsApp Business Policy. Below are some tips on how you can easily grow your subscriber list and ensure those subscribers are highly engageable.

  • The subscription process should be simple and frictionless. The world is moving fast and subscribing to your WhatsApp text marketing program should be too. Set up your opt-in QR code and link using our opt-in manager so that anyone who clicks/scans the link/QR code will automatically be added to the subscriber list on your Knal dashboard.
  • Share your opt-in link and QR code across the different channels where your customer traffic is. Your business may already have a lot of traffic on other channels and you should leverage them. It can be in the form of sharing a shortened opt-in link on your website and social media accounts or by printing and sticking your opt-in QR code on various points in your offline store. This way, not only does your opt-in get a lot of traffic, but you are also at the same time making sure the subscribers you are getting are hot/warm customers who are already interested in your product and might not otherwise purchase your product (again) if you do not engage them with your conversational text marketing program. 
  • Incentivize your subscription. Include offers and promotions when sharing your opt-in link and QR code to encourage more sign-ups. Offers do not always have to come in the form of a discount and you can offer a loyalty program, early access opportunities, etc. 

Setup an effective automated welcome flow for your new subscribers

It is important to set the tone for the type of communication your subscribers can expect from you. A welcome flow is a set of messages your subscribers will automatically receive after subscribing to your WhatsApp text marketing program. It helps build the foundation for the type of relationship you want to have with your subscribers. 

The first message you send should provide your subscribers with an introduction to your WhatsApp text marketing program. It should include, among other things, the types of exclusive offers, message frequency, and instructions on how to easily unsubscribe from your program. Next, greet them and send them instructions on how to claim the incentives you have promised them to encourage their subscriptions.

You can include a question to understand and serve your subscribers better in the future. You might ask your subscribers where they are located, their product preferences, or even if they would like for you to automatically track their past purchases on your brand. Any zero-party data (data that a subscriber willingly shared with your business) shared with you can be automatically stored in your Knal dashboard. Data will definitely come in handy when sending future WhatsApp text marketing campaigns. 

All the above steps can be configured and done easily in your Knal dashboard. Imagine having hundreds or thousands of subscribers and having to do everything manually!

Periodically analyze and improve your opt-in strategy

As you share your opt-in link and QR code in various channels with different messages and incentives, it is important to measure, keep track of, and do A/B tests. These are crucial to know which strategy has worked best in collecting the most subscribers for your business. You can then focus on the ones that work and improve future opt-in strategies.

You should also be paying very close attention to key metrics such as the number of new subscribers and lost subscribers in a given time period. For example, if you see a drop in subscriber growth or an increase in the number of lost subscribers, it may be time to change your opt-in message and your opt-in incentives.

Knal text marketing advisor is only a text message away

With all being said about onboarding and growing your subscriber list, you are now ready to start sending marketing campaigns using Knal. Be rest assured that every client has access to a dedicated advisor. Furthermore, the advisor will not only be there to ensure you get properly set up in the early days of your Knal WhatsApp text marketing journey but is also always just a text message away should you or your team have any questions at all.


Knal is a WhatsApp text marketing service provider that is based in Indonesia.
If you are keen to learn more about Knal and how we can help you grow your company or brand, fill up the form at and our team will be in touch with you.

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