Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knal?

Knal is a WhatsApp text marketing solution provider that helps you grow your brand by sending personalized, interactive, and trackable WhatsApp text marketing campaigns.

How do I start using Knal?

You can start by registering your interest via our website: Our staff will be in touch with you to complete the onboarding process. Once you’ve obtained your Knal account, you will be able to login into your brand’s very own brand portal, where all Knal’s available text marketing tools are waiting for you. You will need to prepare a WhatsApp number to be linked to your Knal account (a new number is recommended).

To ease the introduction to our marketing tools, we’ll assign each brand a dedicated advisor.

What are the available tools at Knal?

Once you log in, you will have access to, among other things, your brand’s Chat Messenger, Template Manager, Opt-in Manager, Subscriber Manager, Campaign Manager, and Performance Report.

Do I need to be incorporated to use Knal?

No, you do not have to be incorporated in order to use Knal. However, due to WhatsApp’s policy, your number of conversations will be capped at 250/day. If you are incorporated, your initial conversation limit will be 1,000/day and will progressively increase as you send and receive messages.

For more information, request a demo or visit our blogs.