Tokopedia Integration File Guide

Log in to your Tokopedia account and on the home page, click your brand name as shown as number “1” and click “Cek Tokopedia Seller” as shown as number “2”.

You will be directed to your brand’s seller page. On this page, click “Pesanan” as shown as number “3” and click the download button as shown as number “4”.

A pop-up window will appear and after selecting the desired time window for your data (5), click “Minta Laporan” (6).
For first-time integration, Knal recommends brands upload all historical data as soon as possible.
For future integrations, Knal recommends brands upload new data on a recurring basis (weekly, biweekly, or monthly).

The more updated your data is on Knal, the more you can do for your WhatsApp marketing efforts.

You should now be able to find the file to be uploaded to Knal in your designated download folder.