Service Overview

Our core offerings

Experience a WhatsApp marketing revolution with Knal. Our advanced Ads Manager is tailored for increased sales. Benefit from seamless integration for a streamlined checkout, ensuring complete ownership of customer data, valuable insights, and lower transaction fees.

WhatsApp marketing solutions

Knal is more than a platform; it’s a strategic tool that transforms WhatsApp into a powerful asset for your business communication and marketing needs. Experience a new level of engagement and reach with our specialized approach

Each feature on Knal is designed with your success in mind. Whether you prefer us to run your campaigns for you or to use our tools independently, we tailor our services to fit your unique business requirements

Knal ensures that every interaction counts. Our platform enhances the way you connect with customers on WhatsApp, making more meaningful connections with your customers. This leads to deeper customer relationships and more successful marketing initiatives

Seamless checkout feature

At Knal, we redefine the checkout experience. Each client is provided with a dedicated checkout page. This approach isn’t just about convenience; it ensures a smooth, integrated journey from start to payment, enhancing the experience for both you and your customers

Our checkout process is designed for your ease. Featuring an intuitive interface, every transaction is hassle-free. This user-friendly approach isn’t just about simplicity – it’s about crafting an enjoyable and straightforward experience for every customer

We believe in maximizing value for our customers. That’s why our platform offers a zero transaction fee feature, ensuring that you save more with every transaction. This cost-effective solution is designed to enhance your profitability while maintaining the highest service quality


Security and efficiency are our top priorities. We’ve integrated reliable payment gateways for secure transactions, complemented by our coordinated delivery features for a seamless end-to-end experience. With Knal, every aspect is meticulously managed, from secure payment processing to prompt delivery.

Data-driven personalization feature

Knal is more than just a broadcasting tool – it’s a powerful engine for informed marketing decisions. Our platform leverages data-driven personalization to take your marketing strategies to the next level

With Knal, you can identify specific customer segments based on zero-party and first-party data. This allows you to craft messages that truly resonate with each group, addressing their unique needs or interests. It’s not just communication; it’s about creating meaningful connections

Real time performance report feature

Knal offers real-time analytics, transforming how you monitor your marketing campaigns. Effortlessly track your campaign’s performance and make quick, data-driven decisions

Dive deep into the details with our thorough reports on campaign performance, with metrics like click through rates, conversion rates, and return on ads spent

With real-time performance reports, Knal enables continuous refinement of your marketing strategies with iterative A/B testing. Knal enables you to identify the most effective approaches and extract actionable insights from test campaigns. This continuous refinement process ensures that your marketing strategies are not just effective but also evolving with your subscribers’ needs