Experience a surge in profits and CTRs up to 26%* by unleashing the power of connectivity

Transform your marketing strategies with compelling, personalized content delivery that captivates your audience, driving conversions, and fostering bottom-line growth
*CTRs figure is based on current Knal campaign performances 

Our portofolio

Crafted by a skilled Indonesian team possessing deep local market insight, Knal is here for digital-first brands like yours. Regardless of your size, our platform is tailored to empower Indonesian brands, driving growth and success in the vibrant digital landscape. With Knal, you’re not just a client, you’re a partner in innovation

Why Knal?

WhatsApp first

Reach customers where they are on the most used messaging channel in Indonesia

Phone-based profiles

Everyone has a phone number and people keep them for a long time

1:1 relationship at scale

Text marketing stands out as the most engaging form of digital interaction

Overcrowded alternatives

Other digital marketing channels are getting overcrowded increasing costs

Unreliable alternatives

Retargeting and monetizing warm/hot customer pool from social media or e-commerce lists can be challenging


Customers crave personalized experiences. Without it, texts risk being perceived as spam

Tightening on 3rd party cookies

Rules and regulations are tightening around 3rd-party cookies, increasing costs of other digital marketing channels

Great for conversions

While other channels focus on reach, text marketing excels at the bottom of the marketing funnel

Our core offerings

WhatsApp based marketing tools
Knal is a specialized platform that leverages WhatsApp for effective business communication and marketing
Effortless checkout page
Knal goes beyond text marketing, allowing brands to sell products directly within our ecosystem, minimizing reliance on e-commerce. Elevate your sales experience with Knal

Data-driven personalization
Knal transforms beyond a mere broadcasting tool by providing robust tools to leverage customer data. It’s not just a platform; it’s an engine driving smarter marketing decisions
Real time analytics and performance tracking
Experience the power of real-time insights with Knal’s cutting-edge reporting tools. Track campaign performance effortlessly, empowering you to make data-driven marketing decisions on the fly

We're commited to providing the best support for you

Knal offers two service types tailored to your requirements

A committed and dedicated advisor is at your service, ready to assist and answer any questions that may arise throughout your journey
Entrust your Knal marketing needs to our dedicated concierge service, where a highly attentive professional will skillfully handle every aspect

Firsthand experiences and opinions about us

“With Knal, we can effortlessly send automated messages based on customer provided data like age, gender, birthday, location, and product preferences. We also use customer behavior data from Knal's checkout, such as last purchase date and cart abandonment. Many of our customers have expressed how appreciated they feel with our personalized touch on WhatsApp.”
Ichwan R.
General Manager, Rouge Delave
“With Knal's survey tools, we've delved deep into our customers' preferences. It's amazing to see that over 90% of our WhatsApp subscribers are open to sharing more about themselves. Plus, Knal's integrated checkout feature shows us important info, such as when customers abandoned their add-to-cart. This data helps us make informed marketing decisions.”
Tommy J.
Founder, Nomad Studio

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